"Laudario di Cortona"     

Religious songs from 13th manuscript Laudario di Cortona (Cortona, Bibl. Comunale e Dell;Academia Etrusca, MS 90). The programme

"O virgo splendens"     Oh, shining Virgin

Music influenced by Cult of St Mary in medieval Europe. Compositions from various sources: Llibre Vermall Codex, Cantigas de Santa Maria and Polish manuscripts. Excerpts from Gregorian chant.

"Dulcis amor"     Sweet love

Selection of medieval secular poetry. Guillaume de Machaut's, songs from collection Carmina Burana and sephardic romances.

"Musica medii aevi"     Music of middle ages

Selection of medieval secular and sacred music.

"In taberna"     In the tavern

Medieval secular music. Songs from Carmina Burana, 14th century instrumental dances from manuscript British Library, Add. 29987.