About ensemble

Early Music Ensemble ‘Scandicus’ specialises in medieval, mostly vocal music. Its repertoire comprises both sacred and secular songs from such various collections as the Laudario di Cortona, Cantigas de Santa Maria, and Llibre Vermell. The instruments include medieval fiddle, recorders, Romanesque harp, citole, lute, symphonia, as well as percussion: riq and bendir.

The ensemble gives concerts in Poland and abroad. It has taken part in such events as the ‘Salve Regina’ International Sacred Music Festival in Wigry, the 4th International Martin Agricola Festival in Świebodzin, and the 4th International Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki Early Music Festival in Bytom. The musicians also perform in museums and at celebrations of historical events. HoM Theatre’s spectacle La Rosa, featuring ‘Scandicus’ ensemble, received an honourable mention for its musical setting at the 37th Tychy Theatrical Encounters (2010).

In 2008 the Multikulti label released ‘Scandicus’ CD Laudario di Cortona. Their second album, Bryd one brere, came out in 2013 under the Folkers label and comprises 13th-century secular songs. Their recordings have been presented by radio broadcasters in Poland.

Instrumentalists from Scandicus Ensemble took part in recording of "Tota pulchra es" album published by Schola Una Voce in 2020

Most recent CD was issued in 2021. The album comprises of songs from Cantigas de Santa Maria manuscripts.

Early Music Ensemble 'Scandicus'

Agnieszka Mucha – voice

Tymoteusz Dorda – voice, medieval fiddle, symphonia

Jakub Kabus – voice, bendir

Piotr Flis – Romanesque harp, oud, citole, recorders, oud, artistic direction

Sławomir Witkowski – voice, oud, citole

Piotr Flis
tel. +48 502 348 835